Writing That Makes Sense: Critical Thinking in College Composition, 2nd Ed.


The second edition of Writing That Makes Sense takes students through the fundamentals of the writing process and explores the basic steps of critical thinking. Drawing upon over twenty years of experience teaching college composition and professional writing, David S. Hogsette combines relevant writing pedagogy and practical assignments with the basics of critical thinking to provide students with step-by-step guides for successful academic writing in a variety of rhetorical modes. New in the second edition:

•Expanded discussion of how to write effective thesis statements for informative, persuasive, evaluative, and synthesis essays, including helpful thesis statement templates.

•Extensive templates introducing students to conventions of academic discourse, including integrating outside sources, interacting with other writers’ ideas, and dialoguing with multiple perspectives.

•Examples of academic writing from different disciplines illustrating essay titles, abstracts, thesis statements, introductions, conclusions, and voice.

•Expanded discussion of voice in academic writing, including an exploration of active and passive voice constructions in different disciplines and tips on how to edit for clarity.

•A new chapter on writing in the disciplines.

•Updated sample student papers.

•New readings with examples of opposing views and multiple perspectives.

Endorsements and Reviews

“Classical education begins with the teaching of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, the three disciplines known collectively as the trivium. Professor Hogsette employs his own command of these disciplines to help students understand what they read and to communicate that understanding effectively to others. There is a right way to write and Writing That Makes Sense gets it right.”

—Joseph Pearce, Tolkien and Lewis Chair in Literary Studies, Holy Apostles College and Seminary

“Orwell famously wrote that ‘to see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.’ David Hogsette’s Writing That Makes Sense will help students come out on the winning side of that struggle. In this comprehensive guide to composition, Hogsette makes clear that good writing depends on good thinking—and vice versa. Working with this book students will develop the skills to better understand themselves and engage with the world that surrounds them.”

—Elaine Brown, Chair, Department of English, NYIT-Long Island

“It’s a pleasure to commend the second edition of David Hogsette’s Writing That Makes Sense. Hogsette combines an orderly, accessible account of composition and rhetoric with clear, practical instruction in critical thinking. Even better, he grounds both writing and thinking in the whole person’s moral responsibility to pursue community in a world that, ultimately, makes sense.”

—William Tate, Professor of English, Covenant College

“This book unpacks the ways writing and clear thinking are fundamentally related. Hogsette dares students to go deep on issues that are timely . . . yet he models how to engage such topics winsomely across the academic disciplines. The chapters are packed with practical tips for writers and samples of real-life drafts by students as well as documents by professionals on a plethora of topics . . . This is a thorough approach to writing in different modes with an authentic voice.”

—Jonathan B. Himes, Professor of English and Writing Center Director, John Brown University

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