I teach literature seminars on such topics as Romanticism, Gothic literature, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. I also teach Composition, Literary Research, Research Writing, and Technical Writing. If you have more questions about my courses, browse my website postings archived under “Courses” (on the secondary menu bar), or please e-mail me using the contact form. I welcome inquiries from prospective students and discussions with other teachers of English Literature and Composition.

Summer 2020

HUMA 202: Civilization and Literature (Online)

WRIT 101: Foundations of Academic Discourse (Online)

Fall 2020

WRIT 101: Foundations of Academic Discourse (2 sections)

ENGL 485: Senior Capstone

Winter Intersession

WRIT 315: Technical and Professional Document Design (Online)

Spring 2021

WRIT 101 Foundations of Academic Discourse (2 sections; 1 section online)

ENGL 221: Science Fiction