Below are lists of websites that I find particularly instructive and interesting. I hope you find them equally compelling and engaging as you continue your own intellectual and spiritual journeys.

Academic Resources

Grove City College Library

Grove City College Department of English

Romantics Unbound

The Voice of the Shuttle

Purdue University Writing Lab Handouts

Purdue University Resources for Writers

New York Public Library

The Internet Public Library


Apologetics (Articles at Leadership U)

Apologetics (Articles at Probe Ministries)

Apologetics Bibliography (from the Ravi Zacharias Web site)

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

William Lane Craig Debates

Reasonable Faith

Stand to Reason

STR Place

Spiritual and Intellectual Resources

Boundless Webzine

Campus Crusade

Campus Crusade International

Christian Research Institute

Christianity Today

Culture Project


Intercollegiate Studies Institute

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

International Students



C. S. Lewis Foundation

C. S. Lewis Institute

The Navigators


Salvo Magazine

Socrates in the City

Stand to Reason


Ravi Zacharias International Ministry

Intelligent Design

Access Research Network

Design Inference Website

Discovery Institute

Discovery Blog

Evolution News and Views Blog

Evolving Education: “Teach the Controversy” (Special focus on evolution theory and education in Leadership U.)

ID: The Future Blog

Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center

Intelligent Design Network

Intelligent Design Undergraduate Research Center

International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design

Origins Website

Reasons to Believe

The True.Origin Archive