Below are lists of books, articles, and journals that I find particularly instructive and interesting. I hope you find them equally compelling and engaging as you continue your own intellectual and spiritual journeys. Most of the books can be purchased through Amazon by clicking the linked title.

Literary History

M. H. Abrams, A Glossary of Literary Terms , 8th edition, 2004.

Robert M. Adams, The Land and Literature of England , 1983.

Margaret Drabble, Oxford Companion to English Literature , 1996.

Andrew Sanders, The Short Oxford History of English Literature , 1994.

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature.

The Oxford History of English Literature .

The Penguin History of Literature.


Sylvan Barnet, A Short Guide to Writing About Literature , 11th edition, 2008.

Diana Hacker, Research and Documentation in the Electronic Age , 2004.

Diana Hacker, A Writer’s Reference , 2003.

Richard Lanham, Revising Prose , 5th edition, 2006.

Andrea Lunsford, The St. Martin’s Handbook , 2003.

Joseph L. Nancy, Research Writing: Using Traditional and Electronic Sources , 1999.

Strunk and White, Elements of Style , 2000.


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M. H. Abrams, Natural Supernaturalism , 1971.

Harold Bloom, ed., Romanticism and Consciousness: Essays in Criticism , 1970.

Harold Bloom, Visionary Company , rev. 1971.

Marilyn Butler, Romantics, Rebels and Reactionaries: English Literature and its Background 1760-1830 , 1981.

The Coleridge Bulletin

Stuart Curran, ed., The Cambridge Companion to British Romanticism , 1993.

Stuart Curran, Poetic Form and British Romanticism , 1986.

Morris Eaves and Michael Fischer, eds. Romanticism and Contemporary Criticism , 1986.

European Romantic Review

Marilyn Gaull, English Romanticism: The Human Context , 1988.

J. F. C. Harrison, Common People of Great Britain: A History from the Norman Conquest to the Present , 1985.

E. J. Hobsbawm, Industry and Empire , 1968.

E. J. Hobsbawm, Nations and Nationalism Since 1780 , 2nd edition, 1994.

Daniel G. Hoffman and Samuel Hynes, English Literary Criticism: Romantic and Victorian , 1963.

David S. Hogsette, “Coleridge as Victorian Heirloom: Nostalgic Rhetoric in the Early Victorian Reviews of Coleridge’s Poetical Works.” Studies in Romanticism 37 (Spring 1998): 63-75.

David S. Hogsette, “Eclipsed by the Pleasure Dome: Poetic Failure in Coleridge’s ‘Kubla Khan.'” Romanticism on the Net 5 (1997).

David S. Hogsette, “Textual Surveillance, Social Codes, and Sublime Voices: The Tyranny of Narrative in Caleb Williams and Wieland .” Romanticism on the Net 38-39 (May-August 2005).

David S. Hogsette, Romantics Unbound .

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Gary Kelly, English Fiction of the Romantic Period, 1789-1830 , 1989.

Jon P. Klancher, The Making of English Reading Audiences, 1790-1832 , 1987.

Marjorie Levinson, The Romantic Fragment Poem , 1986.

Ian McCalman, An Oxford Companion to the Romantic Age , 2001.

Jerome McGann, The Romantic Ideology , 1983.

Anne Mellor, Romanticism and Feminism , 1988.

Anne Mellor, Romanticism and Gender , 1992.

Nineteenth Century Contexts

Nineteenth Century Studies

Prisim(s): Essays in Romanticism

Tilottama Rajan, Dark Interpreter: The Discourse of Romanticism , 1980.


Romanticism on the Net

Studies in Romanticism

Anya Taylor, Bacchus in Romantic England: Writers and Drink, 1780-1830 , 1999.

E.P. Thompson, The Making of the English Working Class , 1966

J. R. Watson, English Poetry of the Romantic Period 1789-1830 , 1992.

The Wordsworth Circle


Chris Baldick, In Frankenstein’s Shadow: Myth Monstrosity and Nineteenth-Century Writing , 1987.

Fred Botting, Gothic , 1996.

Gothic Journal

Gothic Studies

Jerrold Hogle, The Cambridge Companion to Gothic Fiction , 2002.

Maggie Kilgour, The Rise of the Gothic Novel , 1995.

Robert Miles, Gothic Writing, 1750-1820: A Geneology , 1993.

David Punter, The Literature of Terror: A History of Gothic Fiction from 1765 to the Present Day , 1980.

Devendra P. Varma, The Gothic Flame: Being a History of the Gothic Novel in England , 1957.

Popular Culture

Allan Bloom, The Closing of the American Mind , 1988.

Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware, Finding God in The Lord of the Rings , 2001.

John Granger, Looking for God in Harry Potter , 2006.

Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business , 1986.

William Romanowski, Eyes Wide Open: Looking for God in Popular Culture , 2001.

William Romanowski, Pop Culture Wars: Religion and the Role of Entertainment in American Life , 1996.

Quentin Schultze, ed., Dancing in the Dark: Youth, Popular Culture and the Electronic Media , 1990.